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​Energi(NRG)will launch on DigiFinex

2018-12-19 15:14:32

Dear Customers:

DigiFinex is going to list Energi(NRG) and open up deposit on 20th Dec, 2018 10:00 (GMT+8). Withdrawal and trade service will be open on 21st Dec, 2018 10:00 (GMT+8).

NRG Trade Pair:NRG/BTC

NRG:Energi is a scalable, self-funding masternode cryptocurrency with the goal of becoming the world’s leading crypto platform. Energi is the cryptocurrency designed to employ one million people, leveraging the largest and most powerful treasury system in the space — all with no ICO, and no pre-mine.

NRG Official Website:http://energi.world

Thanks for your support!

DigiFinex team

19th Dec 2018

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https://t.me/DigiFinexEN (English)

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Official Medium:https://medium.com/@digifinex

Official Reddit:https://www.reddit.com/user/DigiFinex/

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