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​DigiFinex's first anniversary: Conquering 2018, the future is ours

2019-01-03 18:00:37

On December 28, 2018, DigiFinex celebrated it's first anniversary on a cruise in the world's most beautiful harbor,Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. This significant event, titled "Conquering 2018, the future is ours" aimed to celebrate the remarkable performance that DigiFinex has achieved in the past year and it's future goal to globalization in the new year. The party on the sail has gathered employees from regional offices, media partners, blockchain associates and international investors from all walks of life to honor our first anniversary. 

The establishment of DigiFinex has caught up with the booming blockchain industry and have made steady progress. To date, DigiFinex has grown to become Singapore's no. 1 digital assets exchange and ranks top 5 globally.

Ever since it first ventured into the blockchain industry in 2018, partnership opportunities came one after another while DigiFinex's direction to build a benign blockchain ecosystem remains unchanged. As a new technology avenue, Blockchain has a wide range of application scenarios and has become a strategic outlet for major industry players to take the lead in appliance. DigiFinex team has great confidence in the future of blockchain and will set up branches in more countries and regions internationally, maximize local services, and continue to work with partners towards building a benign blockchain ecosystem.

A performance is a given at every party. After our CEO & CTO got the ball rolling by singing a classic, "Old Boy" , the multi-talented employees of DigiFinex played on by solo & group performing a series of popular songs.

The mockery of the original talk show, "BBTC Talk Show" lightened the atmosphere to a high tide.

More and more people are getting wealthier by investing in cryptocurrency, we did a series of interviews to find out how. Industry King player, Wang Jianlin says, “Dabbling in Bitcoin earned him 100 million. Another key player, goes with the name Speccy told us to give a one month time frame, 24 hours watch on a mobile, and then find an insurance company for compensation and that getting a legitimate insurance company is essential in claim application. Pizza Guy states, “When doing business, do not only collect CNY. One customer paid him 1W Bitcoin for pizza, and it all started from there”.

The bear market in the industry is only a game obstacle for market players. DigiFinex team has a strong sense of mission and has utmost faith in the company. People connect because of love, unite because of faith, and determined because of belief. Without rain, will a rainbow ever come?

Despite being a young company, DigiFinex has grew tremendously from where it first started. The development of DigiFinex has not only brought together the continuous hard work, efforts painstakingly taken throughout day and night, but also the trust and support of our users and partners.

This year, albeit countless achievements, DigiFinex remembers it’s roots and will shoulder on more responsibilities to our users and the entire Blockchain industry.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported and helped DigiFinex this year. In this new year, DigiFinex will strive for greater prosperity!