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币种 总额 可用
GAS 0.00000000 0.00000000
BTC 0.00000000 0.00000000



序号 价格(BTC) 数量(GAS) 总计(GAS)
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时间 成交价格 成交量


NEO built for both native token, NEO (NEO abbreviations) and NeoGas (abbreviations GAS). NEO is to manage tokens, the total amount of 100 million copies, to realize the management authority of the NEO network. Management includes the right to vote billing Election, NEO network parameter changes and so on. NEO is a minimum unit, can not be subdivided. GAS fuel tokens, the maximum upper limit of a total of 100 million, the resources used to achieve control of the use of the NEO network. NEO network operation and storage tokens and smart transfer contract charges, in order to achieve economic incentives for accounting and human resources to prevent abuse. GAS smallest unit of 0.00000001. In block NEO network's creation, 100 million parts of NEO has been generated, the GAS has not been generated, the number of zero. Parts 100 000 000 100 000 000 NEO corresponding parts GAS, gradually to the address generating tokens NEO management algorithm by an attenuator in about 22 years. After NEO manage tokens into the new address, after the GAS will also generate a new address. NEO network will be set a threshold by voting, transfer transactions and intelligent storage contracts run for a certain amount of free of GAS, to enhance the experience. When a lot of rubbish transaction, you can prioritize transactions and intelligence contracts have qualified status by NeoID. No qualified and intelligent digital identity transaction contracts may be given priority by paying GAS.


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交易对 委托时间 委托价格 委托数量/已成交 委托金额 状态