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GameCredits Inc. is an international, multicultural company, brings together experts in the block chain and games. The company aims to improve the player experience, and improve the gaming industry. Gamecredits game industry leaders Datcroft Co., Ltd. to cooperate to develop the first mobile game store has been encrypted two years. Now, GameCredits will use MobileGo tokens to make the game of mobile games store. MobileGo is forthcoming on the Ethernet and Waves Square block chain smart tokens contract and will become the core of several new mobile gaming technology. MobileGo token of smart technology will help to further advance the decentralization process of the game space, because the use of intelligent technology contract will be able to develop a decentralized virtual mobile gamers market, players can virtual items and game content in which the transaction. Smart technology MobileGo contract tokens will also allow gamers to play against players race to the center and to the center of the tournament to run on intelligent contracts.

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