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GGPC full name: Global Game Payment Currency, Chinese name: the global game currency of payment, GGPC the game virtual currency can be widely used in the real world, the virtual currency and allow the holder or have related to the actual assets held to implement virtual tokens diversified currency portfolio. GGPC.IO one. Let virtual currency holders access to relevant and real asset prices tokens to diversify their portfolio through the virtual currency transactions and block chain technology platform to create assets tokens. GGPCTOKEN allow property owners to improve the value of assets through the creation and sale of their assets tokens. Thus, the virtual tokens can be widely used in the real economy. The platform is to improve liquidity and transparency while reducing transaction costs. In addition to provide transparent prices and choice across a variety of asset classes diversified solutions for virtual currency holders, because it allows third parties to comply with the rules and within the legal norms GGPCTOKEN proposed the creation of and trafficking in stock prices and the value of goods related to the sale of assets on behalf of currency. GGPC official website address: http: //www.ggpc.in/


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