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Cloud hopper Siacoin (SC) was originally designed: to cloud storage to the center. On this platform, you can extract and store a variety of files, do not need to worry about your files privacy and security. Through the use of encryption technology, encryption contract, and repeat the backup, Sia enables a group of mutual distrust and do not understand each computer node to unite into a unified operating logic and procedures of cloud storage platform. This platform than traditional cloud storage platforms faster, cheaper, and more reliable. Because they distrust of computer nodes located around the world, Sia file can be an effective distribution network and its content without the need to add cost. File uploads are free to choose the nodes they use, which means that they can avoid the nodes within a certain area, or only those nodes they consider credible. It refers to the center of the uploaded file into a plurality of small blocks and the small blocks of each stored on a different computer nodes. In these nodes store the files, just a small part of the node is trusted, you can upload files safe and reliable.

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