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Smartshare share the birth of the value of the agreement, will greatly promote the current hot industry intelligent networking industry and shared economic development. First, smart terminal equipment and associated material block chain technology combined with technological change will enhance the intelligence of Things industry applications; secondly, through the integration of shared economic resource of idle goods or services provided for users to obtain goods and services as a share of economic sectors the scale of the rapid development of the national great encouragement, however, many of the current sharing rental model is decentralized, and sharing of idle resources to the center of the idealized a certain gap. SmartShare individual value realization through to the center of the block chain technology sharing, so that the real share of the individual to become a network node. Smartshare block chain will use technology as a shared economic wings, so that all have a shared value items get real value in return. Smartshare provide an open smartshare protocol ssp agreement, floor to share the economic field, is committed to using the agreement with the shared value of the contract was terminal, the value of existing terminals Intelligent output value achieved through the mechanism of sharing.

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