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XRP 0.00000000 0.00000000
ETH 0.00000000 0.00000000
限价交易 市价交易




序号 价格(ETH) 数量(XRP) 总计(XRP)
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时间 成交价格 成交量


Ruibo currency is the base currency Ripple network, it can circulate throughout the ripple network, the total number is 100 billion, and with the increase in trade and gradually reduce, reboxetine currency operating company for the Ripple Labs (formerly OpenCoin). Ruibo ripple currency system is the only common currency that is different from other currencies ripple in the system, other currencies such as the CNY, USD can not cross the gateway to cash, in other words, CNY A gateway can only be released to cash in A gateway, if B now would like to mention the gateway, ripple must be converted by the system to function pending BGN B can gateway to gateway B withdrawals. The RBOT no currency restrictions in this regard, it is common in the ripple of the system. Ruibo currency (XRP) and Bitcoin digital currency is based on the same mathematics and cryptography, but there is no real purpose and a different Bitcoin, XRP have major bridges currency and guaranteed security functions Ripple systems, which ensure the safety of function is essential, which requires the gateway to participating in the agreement are required to hold a small amount of XRP.

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交易对 委托时间 委托价格 委托数量/已成交 委托金额 操作


交易对 委托时间 委托价格 委托数量/已成交 委托金额 状态