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Tether USD

In late November 2014, registered in the Isle of Man and Hong Kong companies Realcoin renamed Tether. When released in February 2015 to hold on to a thick legs, it was the largest Bitcoin futures trading platform: bitfinex announced support TEDA currency (hereinafter referred to as USDT) transactions. Subsequently competitive currency trading platform Poloniex Exchange also supports USDT. P Ethernet Network With a strong currency rise, there is an implicit leading trend in currency trading platform competition, incidentally, also carrying the trading volume of USDT. USDT the issuance and trading using the Omni (formerly Mastercoin) protocol, and can be said to be the first Omni currency bitcoin block chain based on a 2.0-currency market. So USDT of trade confirmations and other parameters are consistent with Bitcoin. According to CTO and co-founder of Craig Sellars said Tether, users can SWIFT wire transfer to a bank account of $ Tether provided by the company, or exchange USDT by Bitfinex Exchange. Redemption dollar, the reverse operation can be. The user can also exchange credits USDT bits used in these two sites. Its Web site claiming strict adherence to 1: 1 of the reserve to ensure that every USDT issued a token, its bank account will have $ 1 funding. In terms of compliance, and all operations related to legal tender, they require the user to complete the authentication KYC. Asked how the user verify your bank account deposit, Craig called fiat money kept by the Tether Liminted company, and there are regular audits, but users can not query the margin directly. USDT is currently trading volume in all stable virtual currency trading volume is greatest.

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