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The concept Bitcoin (BitCoin) Central Satoshi initial proposed in 2009, according to Nakamoto idea of design as well as construction of open-source software released on P2P networks. P2P is a bit credits in the form of digital money. Point to point transmission implies a decentralized payment system. Unlike most currencies, Bitcoin does not rely on specific institutions to issue currency, it is produced by a large number of calculations based on a specific algorithm Bitcoin uses a distributed database for the entire economy P2P network composed of many nodes to identify and record all transactions, the design and use of cryptography to ensure the circulation of money in all aspects of security. The decentralized P2P characteristics of the algorithm itself can be manipulated to ensure that the currency can not be mass-produced by Bitcoin. Based on cryptography can make Bitcoin only be transferred or pay the true owner. This also ensures the anonymity of ownership and circulation of currency trading. Bitcoin biggest difference with other virtual currency, its total number is very limited, is extremely scarce. The monetary system has been in four years, not only over 10.5 million, after the total number will be permanently limited to 21 million. Bitcoin can be used to cash, it can be converted into the currency of most countries. Users can buy some virtual goods with Bitcoin, such as online games among the clothes, hats, equipment, etc., as long as people accept Bitcoin can be used to purchase among the real-life items.

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