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Ethereum Classic

2016.6 Square Ethernet hottest items TheDAO hackers exploit intelligence contract, the transfer of $ 50 million market value of Ethernet currency. In order to restore investor assets, Ethernet Square community to make the final vote, most participants agreed to change the code Ethernet Square, hoping to reclaim the funds. To this end, Ethernet Square hard fork, make a backward incompatible change, so that all Ethernet coins - including the possession of hackers - are back in place. Due to the hard bifurcation is carried out in public by block chain, so although there are opposing views, but as more and more people to support the hard bifurcation, July 21, 2016, Square Ethernet hard bifurcation success. Currently, Ethernet Square "official" version of the ETH, is maintained by its original developer; Ethernet classic ETC is maintained by a new team. This is the first major change to the bifurcation block chain transaction records in order to compensate investors through. Ethernet currency held by people previously fork after fork will also hold ETH and ETC, there is an exchange or online wallet Ethernet currency is no exception. The bifurcation derived from the two markets, valued at more than $ 1.2 billion. At present, more and more Ethernet Square miners put a lot of force to count this classic block chain, ETC trading volume rose, not only because in line with the concept, but because they see the protection of transaction security and related dug win the value of ore reward. After a day or two Ethernet classic data available is impressive, the hash of its network is 544GH / s, accounting for 13% of Ethernet network hash Square.

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