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USD Coin

USD Coin Ethernet-based technologies released by Square Circle company, 1USDC have 1USD as collateral. Based CENTRE developed and regulated CENTRE open source network a series of policies to ensure the independence of the inspection and the quality of service of the Circle. The most important thing is, USDC is "Full Reserve" mode, and the dollar amount that is hosted correspondence, and can not guarantee the Super-dollar withdrawals. The difference is that with USDT, USDC emphasized the regularity of transactions, Pets qualified financial institutions involved in the transaction, entirely under US laws and regulations, subject to the provisions of CENTRE network, the establishment of a closed ecosystem and technology assets, thereby to further enhance transparency. Their vision is, regulated financial institutions, whether they are encrypted exchange or money transfer agencies, will be CENTRE authorized as "stable digital currency" of the issuer, the issuer may provide a number of different management and supported by the legal tender encryption currency. advantage:  •simple  • Since there is no collateral on the block chain, it is less vulnerable to hacker attacks  • Allow multi-issue USDC CENTRE under the supervision of the network, and the issuer has requested auditable legal tender reserves as collateral, and therefore has a multi-reserve and liquidity sources.


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